1990 ICS Niagara Conference
Workshop: “The Bible’s Holistic Life-Affirming Vision
By Rev.
Perspective Report by

In his presentation, Rev. developed an interesting contrast. The free enterprise ethic of , he said, simplified as “look after yourself, and the rest of society will prosper accordingly,” forms a striking counterpoint to the ethic.

Binnema described this approach to the environmental crisis as a model in which we are prepared to give ourselves in a “follow Christ to the cross ethic.” Our lives, he said, must demonstrate a consistent desire to invest in God’s — future generations, , the poor — even at the cost of our own personal “kingdoms”. His examples prompted a rather lively discussion on the “goodness”, the “value”, even the hottest topic of all: the “” of .

And the huge willow under which we sat provided not just shade, but also a handy nature reference for our deliberations.

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