50th Anniversary of the first (1970) AACS Niagara Family Conference
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The scope of this website has been expanded to include conferences in Alberta and BC.

See the SITE MAP for an overview. Please contribute to this gathering with your own photos, writing and links.

Samples of the full collection are highlighted below.

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Add your voice and your photos to this anniversary website.
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50th Anniversary of AACS Niagara Family Conferences
It’s hard to convey the experience of these conferences to those who have never been. For twenty years, starting in 1970, people of all ages...
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Photos & Stories Wanted
AACS/ICS Niagara Summer Conferences website looks for pictures and stories: You are invited to visit the website, nose around and remember, and then add your...
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Young and Old Alike
The AACS/ICS family conferences of the 70s and 80s fed on the youthful verve of young and old alike, and now, after all these years,...
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50th Anniversary Conference Commemoration
Gather around to add your voice and your photos to this anniversary website.