1970 AACS
Perspective Report

Ontario holds moving service and celebration of unity in spirit

On Sunday, August 3, the 571 persons attending the Bible College AACS Study spent 6 hours in and celebration of unity in the Spirit of Christ. The morning service followed John Calvin’s Strasbourg liturgy of 1540, making extensive use of Genevan . Rev. , Campus Minister of the Christian Reformed Church for Hamilton and , Ontario, preached from Ephesians 4 on the topic: Unity in the Spirit.

Sunday afternoon the conferees spent an hour in small groups discussing how the conference theme of unity in the Spirit was expressed in the book of Philippians and how this might be worked out in the concrete problems with division and lack of unity experienced in the fragmented contemporary church. After this all the groups gathered for a spontaneous communal celebration of the Lord’s Day, and for a series of reports about the discussions held. Dr. led in song, testimony, public individual confession of the Spirit’s presence, and for one sentence prayers by several worshipers. Children’s and an affirmation of an early church creed highlighted the 3 1/2 hour gathering.

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