1970 AACS
Perspective Report

Ben Vandezande leads 15 students the performance of a Credimus at

Mr. Ben Vandezande, teacher at the St. Catharines Christian High School, led 15 students Sunday night, August 2, in a “Credimus” (a public, communal dramaturgical confession of the central motives of God’s Word) along with nearly 400 participants. Tracing the great themes of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and in the Holy Spirit, the Credimus players staged an impressive light and darkness drama with stark, candle-lit readings from the history of revelation. The performance, which was designed to dramatize the work of the Christian youth magazine, included Mike Van Hartingsveld as Adam, Elsie Lammers as Eve, Frank Lesage as Satan, Ann Kamminga and as guitarists, Mr. as drummer. Candle light speakers were Carol Sluis, Rick Jongejan, Cal Jongsma, Henry Westendorp, Jack Van Dyke, and Sid Hielema; Bob Koole was helped with lighting effects by Eve Koole. Credo subscriptions can be purchased at P. O. Box 272, North Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

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