1989 ICS Niagara
“The Best of Times”
Perspective Report by Jennifer de Groot (age 15, from )

The ICS Niagara is definitely one of the best times of the year for me. Considering the fact that my extended has been coming since the Unionville student conferences of the early '70s, it is not so much a decision anymore as a tradition.

But why do I keep coming back? I think it is the change that I like so much. A change of faces, a change in worship, a change in the freedom I have. I like meeting new people and seeing again the people I see only once a year. A lot of the people I meet there are really neat, real individuals. I like the worship service. The , and liturgy are a welcome change from the more traditional service of my home church. And I like the freedom I have. I can choose if I want to go to workshops and, better, yet, I can choose which ones I want to go to. Another strong point is the togetherness. One strong something (God) binds us together and thus we really trust each other.

What did I like specifically about this ? I loved the not only of the “Ballet Magnificat,” but also of the liturgical dancers and the youth dance. Once again, the was terrific. I also enjoyed the workshops I went to, especially “Freedom, Refugees, and You” by , which opened me up to the struggles of refugees and the countries they come from, and “Growing Up With Feelings” by Jim Olthuis where I was reminded once again of how important it really is to express your feelings, yet how difficult some people find it.

When the weekend is over, everyone seems a little depressed. After a few days of togetherness, we must all go our separate ways again. Yet, we have been refreshed and renewed and can look forward to next year.

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