1990 ICS Niagara Conference 
Workshop: “ for Teens”
Perspective Report by

Finally, after 300 years, is returning to our churches. In a workshop entitled “ for Teens” of Performing Arts helped some of our youth to understand the fundamentals of , and how to put them to work in our own churches.

Mr. Abbey-Colborne didn’t try to teach us everything about drama in an hour and a half. Instead — in a very down to earth way — he showed us some innovative exercises to help warm up the body as well as the imagination. By using these simple techniques, he provided us with the building blocks of good theater, building blocks that we can put to use in our own ways for the church and the community.

A terrific actor himself, Mr. Abbey-Colborne proved to us that the Spirit can be present in all we do. I’d like to thank him for the inspiration he provided me.

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